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If you thought of fast styling as curling, flipping or straightening your hair on the go and not able to decide still what to go for, then you are at the right page.

For women who often go on business meetings out of town or loves travelling, most of the time faces problem, when she is trying to look her best on the road or far away from home.

In such a case Best Cordless Hair Straightener are perfect companion – for straightening your hair on holiday, staying with friends or attending an event.

But the biggest problem is that you can’t use Hair Straighteners just anywhere. You need to be near a power outlet and most of them are bulky and heavy.

Thus we came up with battery-powered and rechargeable, Best Cordless Hair Straighteners.

These Cordless Hair Straighteners won’t take much place in your carry bag and will help you change hairstyles Literally Anywhere.


Top 5 Best Cordless Hair Straightener available in India suitable to carry anywhere

1. Deogra – Cordless Mini Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Best Cordless Hair Straightener
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Deogra Mini Flat Iron is the best cordless hair straightener with super cute design and is equipped with ceramic tourmaline plates releasing negative ions to give smooth shine to your hair. Negative ions eliminate static and protect hair from damage. The 3D floating plates with curved edges continuously adjust the angle to avoid snagging your hair to give you more control while styling.

It takes only 90 minutes to fully charge. The best styling temperature is obtained within 2-3 minutes of pre-heating. It can reach a max temp of 210ºC. Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron is portable and comes in Heat-resistant Storage Pouch.

  • 2600mAh battery
  • 90 minutes charging time
  • Chargeable with USB cable or adapter
  • ON/OFF button does not stand out
  • Adapter is not provided for charging

2. Hatteker – Cordless Mini Hair Straightener Usb Charging

Portable flat Irons
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Hatteker is a China brand that is known for manufacturing a wide range of different Products which are Compact, sleek, and easy-to-use.

The brand is focused by the grooming experts. Their products in the market are very popular for their quality products with a good sense of reasonable price range.

This Hatteker mini best cordless hair straightener is great for camping or festivals, and with no electrical outlets for normal hair irons, this portable USB one is convenient and easy to use.

  • convenient and easy to use
  • best for shorter or thin hair
  • Very convenient to carrying in bag
  • Great for a quick fix for frizz
  • Recommend charging after every use
  • Could hold charge a longer
  • Not recommend for thick hair
  • 30 minutes of use after 150 minutes charging

3. Flyway – Portable Usb Cordless Hair Straightener With Power Bank

Hair Straightener With Power Bank
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Flyway Mini Usb best Cordless Hair Straightener With Power Bank is perfect to carry in your handbag. Though it is small it warms up fast and straightens your hair perfectly.

The charge lasts about 40 minutes on continuous use. The time gets reduced, if turned off and on more often. They charge up via the usb socket so you can charge them on the move, they are very compact and are only suitable for touching up. With Power Bank, provides emergency power charging for mobile phone.

  • Ideal size for your handbag
  • Good battery life
  • 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Fast Heating within 5 seconds
  • Emergency power charging for mobile phone
  • Product style is great
  • Suitable only for touching up
  • Not recommend for too curly or unruly hair

4. Singer – Rechargeable Hair Straightener with Digital Display

Singer cordless hair straightener
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Manage your hair with the Singer rechargeable best cordless hair straightener –  Stylee – HS03 for any style and choose the temperature while. With 30 min. cordless use you don’t have to stand where the chord is. Simply use it the way you like.

This is the best straightener you can get at this price, and it’s unbelievable!! It straightens the hair in no time. It has Ceramic plate & locking feature for easy gliding of hairs.

  • Digital temperature display
  • Easily carry in her bag
  • 3 temperature settings option
  • Get ready while on the go
  • 30 Minutes use after 5 hours of charging

5. Lifelong – Travel Friendly Cordless Hair Straightener

Travel Friendly mini Cordless Hair Straightener
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Lifelong – Travel Friendly Best Cordless Hair Straightener is designed for those who want to stay stylish even while they are on the go. you don’t have to wait because of quick heating operation.

Its convenient handle lock keeps the straightener safe and the compact design make it easy to carry in your handbag. The comfortable and light weight design makes it easy to use and ensures no pull on hair.

It is rechargeable and one full charge gives 45 minutes of cordless usage, auto shuts-off if unused for 40 minutes. This is a must have hair styling tool for those who love frizz free, sleek hair everyday!

  • Auto shut-off to avoiding excess heating
  • 45 minutes of Cordless usage
  • Quick Heating with Temperature Control and Display
  • Heating plates are smaller than expected

How to choose the Best Cordless Hair Straighteners?

Choosing a hair straightener to carry with you is a personal choice, whether you prefer it to be corded or cordless, smaller or larger. Below given information will help decide which you prefer.

The size of the hair straighteners and the size of the plates to be taken into account while choosing.

Lightweight models will be worth, if looking for a portable option that fits in bag, making it suitable to carry anywhere.

Corded or Cordless
Choosing a corded or cordless hair straightener is a personal preference.

Traditional corded hair straighteners are great and come with plenty of features. In fact you don’t have to worry about a dying battery and can spend as much time on your hair as you wish.

When you choose a cordless models there is no restrictions as to where you stand and style your hair.

For regular traveler, a hair straighteners with dual voltage buy will be an added advantage. You know that it will be safe to use and will work just about everywhere safely, no matter where you visit.

Hair Type
Choose hair straightener depending on your hair type. A product for thin hair may not be suitable for long thick hair.

Finding a product within your budget is always tough. We very well know that most branded products are quite expensive.

But if you are on a budget it’s about finding the top best hair straightener for its value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are cordless hair straighteners good?

For travelling women who often goes out for meetings and trying for a quick hair setup before meeting, for them Cordless Hair Straightener are best. For home purpose it is better to buy corded one.

Even though corded Hair Straightener are better than cordless flat iron, there is no denying that it made our styling needs easier and more convenient. The products we have suggested will not only give you the freedom of movement and portability but at the same time also offer some other amazing features to straighten your tresses perfectly without causing any damages and hair falls.

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