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3 Best Electric Heating Pad in India 

Most of us had used Hot Water bags and many still use it for muscle pain relief. With new changes Hot Water Bag gave way to Electric Heating Pad.

Electric Heating Pad helps to soothe sore muscles caused by back or neck pain. Heating pads spreads the heat evenly and opens up blood vessels, assisting the healing process and lessens some of your pain. It works best for injuries that are some days old.

Additionally, an increase in blood flow due to heat reduces discomfort as in some arthritis pain from stiff joints.

Best Electric Heating Pad

In an Electric heating pad there is a pouch which is filled & sealed with special kind of gel, to provide the warmth. It can be kept inside the comforter to heat up the comforter or use on low temperature for body part massage.

The basic working principle of these bags come with an auto cut feature which cuts off the electric supply, when temperature exceeds the threshold, making it both ideal and totally safe for use.

1. Electric Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder

TrueCare Luxurious Soft Neck & Shoulder Electric Heating Pad

TrueCare Luxurious Soft Neck & Shoulder Electric Heating Pad

TrueCare offers a luxurious, soft neck and shoulder heating pad, the material is very soft and plush perfect for therapeutic pain relief. The heating is just right for soothing pain & unlike traditional hot water bag it doesn’t burn skin.

This Electric Heating Pad is very comfortable and effective, moreover it covers your shoulder and neck properly.

An illuminated temperature control unit with 3 temperature levels is provided for easy handling, and an advanced overheat protection with skin “BurnSafe” Technology for automatic switch off after 90 minutes.



2. Multipurpose Electric Heating Pad – For Back, Shoulder, Elbow & Knee Pain Relief

SandPuppy - Multipurpose Electric Heating Pad

SandPuppy – Multipurpose Electric Heating Pad

Physical exercises and active sports cause muscular aches and spasms, multipurpose Electric Heating Pad heat therapy helps relieve pain and improves recovery, healing by improving blood flow to the targeted area.

Elderly people having chronic knee and joint pain as arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy. Improved blood flow and warmth reduce pain considerably.

SandPuppy Heat wrap is made with advanced, durable, lightweight stretch Velcro fabric. Light and easy to fold and carry. Heat wrap uses a type of carbon heating materials which gives uniform warmth to the affected area for maximum and instant pain relief.

The unique design and large heating area of this electric heating pad ensure targeted heat therapy on back, knee, ankle, wrist and elbow joints, which is not possible with a conventional hot water bag. The Velcro design ensures universal fitting to be applied on people of different body types & sizes.

From the point of electrical safety it is much safer than other heating pads which uses 220V, as its unique design works on 12V DC adaptor.



3. Rechargeable Electric Hot Water Bag

Piesome - Hot Water Bag for pain relief

Piesome – Hot Water Bag for pain relief

Piesome Portable Rechargeable Heating pack is designed to be a warmer for hands, feet, neck, shoulders, back aches, cramps, sore muscles, and many more uses. The heating pack is made of soft and comfortable materials of high grade velvet fabric on the outer and double thick and flexible PVC sheets inside.

The hot water bottle is filled with water one time only, it is non-toxins and chemicals added, you just need to charge to heat the bottle, and you don’t have change water every time like the rubber bottle.

Just 5-10 minutes of charging gives heated pad for approx. 120 minutes. This portable rechargeable heating pad easy to carry and electricity consumption is less.



4. Electric Bed Warmer

Electric bed warmer

Expressions Electric Bed Warmer – 150cms x 80cms

All above products can be used in every season for hands, feet, neck, shoulders, back aches, cramps, sore muscles, and many more, but for winter season and specially for the elders, blood circulation is slow and legs and hands feels a bit numb, for them Electric Bed Warmer is best as it open up the closed vessels and make blood flow freely.

3 Best Electric Heating Pad

Expressions Electric Under Blanket – 150cms x 80cms

Bed warmers are far better than electric room heaters or wood-based warmers on so many levels. First there is zero pollution and no health hazard. With bed warmer one can sleep comfortably with a single blanket. No need to cover yourself with heavy blankets during winter days. It is portable, foldable and easy to use.

Electric Bed Warmer have dual controllers that can be customized to manage the individual comfort of two people in one bed. There is protection and safety even if the bed warmer becomes wet.




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