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Instant Tankless Water Heaters

Instant hot water heaters are tank-less water heaters, which gives instantaneous hot water within 3-4 seconds of opening the tap.

Instant hot water heaters work by heating the continuous flow of water by insulated heating elements inside it, and it is safe. This makes them suitable for any environment and can be used anywhere as in Kitchen Basin, Face Wash Basin. Moreover, with people having mobility problem, it can be setup right beside their beds.

The Instant hot water heaters have an input directly from the tap and it pours out hot water, allowing anyone to quickly, and safely, fill a mug of hot water.

Instant hot water heaters are small in size so it can be fitted anywhere even if little possible area you get.  Then there are other models which can be replaced with normal sink tap and can have both hot and cold water as and when needed.

Installation of instant hot water dispenser is simple; you can easily do it yourself else a plumber can do it for you.

instant hot water dispensers

Now the main thing – are instant hot water heaters worth it?

Yes, definitely it’s a real value item. During this winter in kitchen especially when you have to wash utensils, and hot water feels much better than chilled cold water.

Check out below some of the best Instant hot water heaters models:

As I mentioned before, these instant water heaters comes generally in 3 types:

  1. Wall Mounted with Hot and Cold support Tap
  2. Directly fix it to Sink with both Hot and Cold options Tap
  3. Wall Mounted (small geyser look) with only hot water flow

1. Wall Mounted with Hot and Cold support Tap

Instant Quick Water Heater

Very Easy to Install, does not take extra space like other Geysers, best suitable for kitchen, household work, wash dishes. It takes maximum 5-10 second to heat water.

In these type of model, managing hot water can be tricky, as the water may become too hot or cold very soon. So sometimes you may find yourself putting the switch on-off multiple times as there is no thermostat to control it. This is the reason I don’t find it much helpful.



2. Directly fix it to Sink with both Hot and Cold options Tap


Not very difficult to install but you many need a plumber if you are installing in parallel to existing one.
Heater turns on with water flow when rotated towards hot water side. Temperature can be controlled with water flow adjustment.

The best thing of these types are:

  • Sleek and attractive look
  • You get instant hot water in 6 to 10 seconds
  • Anti-shock feature. (Device will stop the electricity flow if there is no water supply)



3. Auto Cut Off Portable Instant hot Water heater

instant hot water

In these models, no additional plumbing required, Just connect It in the water tap and enjoy continuous flow of hot water with-in 5-6 seconds.

Instant hot water geyser is compact, light weight, shock proof, rust proof and can be easily shifted to any place where hot water is required.

These models look wise may not be classy, still, I would prefer this over others as they have auto power Cut-OFF feature in case temperature reaches 50-65 Degrees and If The User Forgets to Switch It Off.

These are best suited for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office, Restaurants, Labs, Clinics, Saloon, Beauty Parlor & Any Places. This geyser is made up of premium quality ABS plastic material which is much durable and lasts for a long time.



This is definitely a very needy item for every house.  


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