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Top latest kurti designs online in India

Indian Kurta has been part of our culture from ancient time unknown and it came to us from the rulers of Persia who ruled India long back. Now-a-days it has become our daily life attire.

Before Kurta-Pajama became a common term, Salwar-Kameez was well known, Kameez being a keen length top, usually paired with loose pajama i.e Salwar, and usually a dupatta along as head and shoulder cover.

Besides Indian and Pakistanis, Nepalese, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshis had been using Kurta as their traditional top dress of men and later it became common for both men and women, being that the women top being called Kurti.

Kurti-Pajama or say Salwar-Kameez was made even more famous by the Punjabi’s and Muslims and almost got associated with these two communities. For Punjabi and Muslim ladies Kurti Pajama or Salwar Kameez is a common dress for everyday use and they even make special Kurti Pajama or Salwar Kameez for any special events, occasions or festivals.

The short hip length pattern print Kurta and Kurti got a lot of popularity during the time of hippie movement in late 60s and 70s to show their laid back and carefree temperament. The hip length kurti is also known as tunic.

Now-a-days Kurti craze had increased a lot, not only in India but beyond Indian borders paving way for new fashion demands for women and girls of all ages. Many famous movie celebrity, scholars are seen wearing dark colored kurta and it is very common sight among the poets who most of the time are seen in white or cream colored kurta.

Initially Cotton was the most common fabric used for making Kurta/Kurti, later on it was followed by Silk, georgette and even chiffons Kurtis. The latest trend and the most wished fabric by both men and women is khadi for its ultimate look and soft comfortable feeling.

Kurti as a formal and casual wear

Kurti or Kurta being one of the most comfortable dress for working ladies and college going girls can wear it as formal and casual wear. In many government schools in India the common school uniform is salwar kurta. It is a very popular and a comfortable dress.

Kurti can be worn on top of Plazzo, Churidar, Leggings, Pants or Jeans. The best part of this ethnic dress is it looks good on everyone. Westerners use it as their comfort wear.

Basic Categories of latest kurti designs online

If we try to find the different types of Kurtis available, it will be a hard task to find all of them, but basically they can be categorized as per their 7 distinct styles on basis of how they look.

1. Ethnic Kurti

Ethnic Kurtis are very beautiful in its own way and very popular among all age groups. There is not much changes in their look or in the cut but they are the most comfortable dress. Some of the most popularly known ethnic style kurti design online are:

A-Line style Kurti

The design of this style kurti is such that the length of it reaches up to knee or just above it, and the flare from waist give a “A” shape look. A big favorite among school and college goers.

A-line-Kurti style

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Anarkali or Flared style Kurti

A dress in sprit of Indian traditional dresses known to be worn for long, which fills a wearer with an essence of elegance and grace. Anarkali or Flared style kurti is highly in demand during wedding and festive season.

Anarkali Kurti

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Gown style Kurti

The thawb, an ankle-length garment is the customary dress of Arabic men and completely resembles with the usual evening gowns worn in India by women. The Gown style kurti resembles it very closely. A loose stitched dress for maximum comfort. Gown kurti made its way as fashion statement by famous movie stars.

Gown Kurti

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Gown style kurti

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Straight style Kurti

As the name suggest it is a long knee length, professional looking dress, a day-to-day dress for working ladies for its comfort and very easy to move around in work place.

straight kurti

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straight style kurti

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Jacket Kurti style

Inspired from traditional Punjab folk dancer’s dress, a small overcoat (Koti) is worn over kurti, but the size of over coat varies a lot, small or upto hip and even as long as knee height. The jacket gives a very nice overall look to the dress, usually worn during wedding and festival time.

kurti with jacket

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jacket kurti

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2. Layered Kurtis

As the name suggest, the kurti is made in two tiered ruffles or flounces giving a stunningly attractive look. It can be wore anytime but good for college goers.

double layered kurti

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layered kurti style

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3. Angrakha style Kurti

Angrakha literally means protecting the body, is the mix of Rajasthani traditional dress and Jama, a long coat popular during Mughal period. Pair Angrakha Kurti with jeans or pants and you are ready for party.

angrakha kurti

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angrakha kurti style

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4. Kaftan style Kurti

The origin of Kaftan is from ancient Mesopotamia now known as middle east, and Indian kaftan kurti drew inspiration from it. Kaftans were originally worn by the Ottoman Empire sultans. The design is known for its majestic grandeur, and can be worn casually, for parties at beach or social get-together.

kaftan kurti

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kaftan type kurti

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5. Asymmetric Kurti

Basically, in the Asymmetric kurti, the base hemlines, sides or front-back cut gives the final shape to the look of these kurta. Some such Kurtis designs are:

Tail cut Kurti

In this style of Kurti the front side of kurti is small and its back side is elongated to give a tail like effect, thus looks more of a westernized dress.

tail cut kurti

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C-cut and High low cut Kurti

The C cut design is well suited for tall girls and looks trendy and stylish. The front hem of the suit is C-shaped, whereas in high low cut the back hem is longer than front hem. Its admirable look is well suited for kitty parties and dating and adds a feminine touch.

C cut kurti

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high low kurti

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6. Indo-western Style Kurti

Indo-Western kurtis for their classy look and comfort wear have made it popular among youngsters. Indo-Western kurtis are designed to be trendy, fashionable as well as maintaining the traditional value of Indian dress.

Indo-western kurtis can be combined with any type of lingerie such as jeans, leggings, palazzos, churidars etc. to create a new look and perfect for any type of occasion.

Shirt style and denim kurtis, the best Indo-Western style being a fusion of Indian kurti and western shirts, is stylish and rugged, both casual and formal dressing.

denim kutri

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denim short kurti

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7. Modern touch Kurti

Kurtis with a modern touch are either traditional attire that has been given a facelift, or are attire that make a fashion statement among the elite. They are bold, classy and trendy outfits for a casual outing and party.

Dhoti style Kurti

In women’s fashion, the dhoti style is currently trending for the contemporary look of its traditional dress. It stands out as a designer wear at parties, being loose and comfortable to wear.

dhoti kurti

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Slits style Kurti

They are the new craze in the fashion world. Slits are a surefire way to add some glamor and sensual touch to an outfit. Kurtis with slits in the front or sides are a great combination with skirts and palazzo. Pair them with embroidered cigarette pants or ripped jeans and explore your style parameters.

slit kurti

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Cold shoulder and one shoulder styles Kurti

Cold shoulder and one shoulder are glamorous looking Kurti with modern touch to traditional attire. They are trendy and classy looking dress in town to wear for parties and dating.

cold shoulder kurti

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cols shoulder short kurti

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one shoulder kurti

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Why buy branded latest kurti designs online in India

The three major reason to buy branded cloths are:
1. Fabric
The fabric used in branded clothes are of higher quality, adds style, elegance and they maintain decency of highest level. The color of branded cloths don’t fade, so it can be wore multiple times.

2. Fittings
Branded clothes maintains a range of sizes, which fits perfectly for every body type. They emphasis a lot on fabrics used and their high quality of craftsmanship for any dress, so it lasts longer.

3. Value for Money
Since they are made from top quality fabric, best craftsmen work on them and since it lasts longer so the dress is worn multiple times giving value for money.

Being said that, I also want to say that there are many branded products which are not really worth the money spent on them. These products are mostly promoted by celebs and marketing influencers, which are given to them for being brand ambassador for it.

There are some branded latest kurti designs online in India, though they are big names in fashion industry yet they are pocket friendly with quality product. To name s few most popular one are Aurelia, Biba, Libas, Rangmanch, Fabindia and W for women.

Things to Consider before buying latest kurti designs online

As we all know kurti is one of the most popular attire in recent times and its a comfortable outfit for office, party or weddings. when you wish to buy kurti online few things you need to consider to avoid disappointments later.


Kurti comes in different variation sizes and it depends on brand to brand. If you are buying from well of brands then you may not face much problem, but if it is from an unknown brand do check their size chart and it varies from regular standard brands.

Customers Review

Read customers reviews as those are the best way to decide, as information available there is too valuable from previous customers on size, fit material and overall quality of the product.


The product color that you see on computer or mobile screen can never give correct idea, there is always a possibility that the color maybe be better than what it looked on screen or it may differ a bit. So you need to be flexible on this and if you find it way too off from your expectation return them.

Return Policies

Whenever you intend to buy an online item, first and foremost important thing to check is its return policy. In case of any disappointments with the product you have an option to return it.

Finally an advice from local tailor

Online products, specially from apparel items, it has been found that the customer in general liked what they received, exception being the fitting either got a bit loose or a bit tight but overall product with design and fabric quality being good. In such case it is better to take advice from local tailor if it can be fixed rather than avail the return policy given.


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