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The Little Black Dress

The little black dress’ is a wardrobe essential. It is important however that when choosing the right style of black dress to wear, body shape is taken into consideration. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Those with fuller figures are represented by a whole spectrum of shapes. With this being the case, body shape will determine how a dress would move, shift and swing whilst on the wearer, thus it really is essential to consider body shape when choosing the styles that would best suit it.

Indian Body Shape

Common Body Shape

Little Black Dress for Pear Shaped Body

With a pear shaped body, a person’s curves are centered around their hips and thigh area. With this being the case, it works well to really show off the tiny waist that a pear shaped person has and then to accentuate the bust and shoulders. In doing so the frame of the body is evened out.

The best little black dress style for this body shape is one that has a circle skirt. The cut of a circle skirt actually helps emphasis a small waist even further. Add a thick belt for even greater emphasis. Look for a skirt with lace or a petticoat underneath, this will bring attention to those well-toned legs. Above the waist, a plunging V-neck draws eyes to the bust, as does some delicate pleats around the area.

Women's Black Midi Dress

Women’s Black Midi Dress



Women's Black Dress Textured

Women’s Black Dress Textured




Women's Knee Length Black Dress

Women’s Knee Length Black Dress



Little Black Dress for Hour Glass Figure

The envy of most women and the desire of most men, the voluptuous hourglass turns heads wherever she is seen. When looking for a black dress for an hour glass figure stay away from anything baggy. Be confident and go for curve conscious. A dress that hugs the frame is ideal. A dress with a draping detail would be even better.

If you are conscious of a slight tummy or a very heavy bust, draping can hide anything that the wearer may want covered up. When thinking of plus sized fashion for women, a delicate jersey material is usually very flattering. This style of dress cut just above the knee in a light jersey material would be perfection personified.


Black Dress for Hour Glass Figure

Women’s Knee Length Black Dress




Black Party Dress

Black Party Dress




Women's Comfortable Cut-Out Cotton Mini Dress

Women’s Comfortable Cut-Out Cotton Mini Dress



Little Black Dress for Apple Shape 

Most women of a fuller figure would agree that the hardest shape to clothe is the apple shape. Women with an apple shaped body are usually very conscious about their waistline and tummy. Apple shapes usually have lovely hips and legs, a wonderfully curvy bust line and gorgeous shoulders. Due to this, a wrap dress always looks good on an apple shaped figure, as it highlights the waist. As the dress wraps around the body, extra attention is placed on the waist, helping it to look smaller.

Little Black Dress for Apple Shape

Try a delicate bow around the area, it will draw attention away from other body parts and on to the waist. Frills at the sleeves will make the shoulders look broader, this teamed with a not too low plunging neckline will also help draw attention to the waist. Accent the look with some beautiful gold accessories that again will draw attention to the places the wearer would want emphasized. A gorgeous clutch bag within beautiful hands, dangling earrings to show off a wonderful neck and bangles to highlight those dainty wrists.


Women Plus Size Shirt

Dress for Fuller figure



Women's A-Line Plus Size Rayon Dress

Black dress Knee length



The truth be told, there is a little black dress for every shape. check around and discover the little black dress which is perfect fit for you.


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