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The Best 3 Screen Mirroring Device in India

You may be thinking I am talking of screen mirroring devices, there are many Smart TVs with screen mirroring support.

As we all know due to Covid-19, most schools have started classes online, and mobile phone are used to attend classes.

Why do you need a screen mirroring device ?

The blue light emitted by new range of mobile phones is bright, that harms the vision, as for long duration children are watching mobile screen attending classes, which is damaging the eye’s retina.

This research still not confirmed how much damage can Blue lights of mobiles or similar device can do, as this test not directly done on the eyes, but the experiment done under lab settings.

This Macular damage is incurable which significantly affects the vision leading to blindness, so it is better to take precaution than be sorry.

So, one way by which we can reduce eye strain is by casting or mirroring the phone screen to TV. By casting the mobile screen to TV, the strain on the eyes are less, as the words are big on TV screen.

The other benefits while casting to TV, you don’t need to go for TV remote and control everything right from phone screen.

There are many streaming or casting devices available in the market as well as online as Apple TV, Miracast, Google Chromecast. Beside these you can go for Cable too.

Which TVs are supported by screen mirroring devices?

All new flat screen TVs available in the market, comes with 1-2 HDMI port and also has USB ports. Some model has more number of HDMI and USB ports, but minimum one HDMI, USB and AV port is present in every flat screen TVs. In older model CRT Television AV port is present.

Since screen mirroring devices are plug and play devices and don’t need any separate application or driver to run. All smartphones come equipped with screen mirror, casting or smart view options.

The Best Screen Mirroring Devices for Home or Office

Here we will talk about the 3 best screen mirroring devices which can be used in every home without needing costly Wi-Fi router, but you can use it with your own smartphone hotspot.

1. AnyCast | Buy Now

AnyCast Screen Mirroring Device for TVs Wireless WiFi HDMI Display Dongle

AnyCast Wireless WiFi HDMI Display Dongle


AnyCast gives 4K resolution and 1080P HD resolution. This Screen Mirroring device offers a clear image on big screens. You can easily mirror your mobile screen with it just by pluging it to HDMI port, and follow basic instructions.

This wireless display dongle can be very convenient for you to use in important business meeting, multimedia presentations and also for home entertainment.

  • Small Size Receiver
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with most apps
  • Don’t Support subscription apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, etc.


2. AUSHA Screen Mirroring Device Receiver Dongle | Buy Now

AUSHA Screen Mirroring Receiver Dongle which supports not only HDMI but also AV

AUSHA Screen Mirroring Receiver Dongle


AUSHA Screen Mirroring Device Receiver dongle is compatible with Miracast, AirPlay and DLNA Systems. This receiver too supports 4K resolution, and you can mirror contents from Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.

The best thing I liked about this Screen Mirroring device for TV is it not only supports HDMI port, but you can use it even on older TVs, which only has AV ports.

  • Supports all Screen Mirroring systems
  • A big plus it supports AV
  • No delay
  • Not found one except Plastic built


3. Google Chromecast Dongle for Screen Mirroring | Buy Now

Google Chromecast Dongle for Mirroring on big screen

Google Chromecast Dongle for Screen Mirroring


With Google Chromecast you can do many things, with support of smart plugs attached to different items of the house. Once all configured on Google home you can control all the items from anywhere in the world. The product is good, works as we want it. Needs internet connection all time.

The only drawback is even for screen mirroring, you need to have Google home installed on your mobile, even though there is guest option, which doesn’t work properly.

If your house don’t have Wi-Fi router, then for even basic use, for first time configuration you need need at least 2 mobiles for smooth configuration. It can be done with single mobile, but it’s a bit tricky.

  • Good affordable product
  • Good casting and mirroring resolation
  • With good internet, works best
  • Best product if Wi-Fi Router available in house
  • Need configuration to be done
  • Needs Internet all time to work

4. USB C Type to HDMI port convertor Cable | Buy Now

Besides all these ways by which you can mirror small mobile screen to Tv, You can simply use a very cheap and best way to mirror – a USB C to HDMI port convertor Cable.

USB Type C to HDMI port Cable for streaming from mobile to TV

USB Type C to HDMI port Cable for streaming


Only issue with this will be if you are not able to get connection from mobile to TV, you needs to go in mobile’s developer mode and do simple task (for this many videos are available on YouTube).

  • Direct Connection
  • Easy to setup
  • No need of Router
  • Works without any problem
  • Sometime needs developers configuration to be done
  • Limit of Cable length

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